Game of Thrones asks "What do you want?" a lot.

Published 16 May 2016

In a recent episode of Game of Thrones, where Tyrion is ruling in place Daenerys, Tyrion asks the slavers the most commonly asked question on Game of Thrones…
“What do you want?”

For example:

Tyrion Lannister: You’re an intelligent man. I like to think I’m an intelligent man.
Lord Varys: Oh, no one disputes that, my lord, not even the multitudes who despise you.
Tyrion Lannister: I wish we could converse as two honest, intelligent men.
Lord Varys: I wish we could, too.
Tyrion Lannister: [brief pause] What do you want? Tell me.
Lord Varys: If we’re going to play, you’ll have to start.

Basically… cut the crap. Let’s advance the plot. Tell me what drives you. Of course, neither character ever says what they truly want in this conversation. This is some art of war style stuff, but what happens when you ask the question to yourself? I have been asking this question a lot recently. Having goals is good. One of my goals is to start blogging regularly. Another of my goals was to start reading more. I am bad at reading, but I am good at listening - so audible was a nice pickup for that. I have more goals, but I have to save some topics to write about later.

Time to continue advancing the plot.